The Crash

In which the kittens help me diagnose my faulty desktop

A week or so ago now my desktop crashed. I was about to play some post-work videogames on my TV via steam remote play so it was especially annoying. I eventually determined that the fault was with the PSU, which was thankfully still under warranty.

Back of my PC on its side, with graphics card and wifi card (currently redundant) in the expansion slots

I had some long post here but it didn’t actually have any point. I’m not an expert PC repairer, although I’m not a complete novice either, so either way I have nothing to say of note even for the reference of my future self.1 Such is life.

I did, however, have some expert help - by which I mean my kittens came to investigate what on earth I was doing:

Otto on my computer chair, surveying my work

Otto is very polite, he just wants to know what you’re doing but he is happy to observe from a relative distance.

Odette looking at the case door

Odette is more inquisitive and had to be persuaded not to actually inspect the hardware. I did have to kick them both out when it came to cleaning and trouble-shooting though, as it was just too dangerous and distracting. It sure was filthy in there.

The internals. I wish I could blame the poor cable management on the non-modular power supply but actually I just suck at that

That said I wonder how much of that dust was load-bearing, or more seriously I don’t think it had gotten to the point of actually affecting performance. It was nice to clean though.

I took everything, save the motherboard, out for cleaning

Everything worked when I got a replacement, so there you go. Anyway I need to share more pictures of Count Otto and Pirate Queen Odette here. They are truly Good Cats (who are also absolute criminals but that is for another day).

My ‘sleepy assistant’ Odette

Look I just love them ok?

Otto is best boy

  1. Well ok there is one thing: the power pin on the motherboard connector should be 5V from ground, I had to look that up.↩︎

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