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Welcome to my redesigned website. I’m a statistician and programmer from Wellington, New Zealand, who spends her days fighting with computers (don’t we all), patting my cats, reading, and playing videogames. I’m not sure anything I have to say is worth your while, but thanks for visiting my web site!

I’m most proud of my Wellington bus app (which has been lo-fi much longer than this site has) RTI Anywhere, and my @eqnz and @NZWeatherAlerts utility mastodon bots. For more information about my various bots see here.

This website redesign happened in 2023, but it looks 25 years older for the fun of it - plus, I’m increasingly of the opinion that the better software in general and websites in particular work with older computers the better. So much of my job (views are mine and not of my employer etc etc etc) is getting stuff that used to work to work again, and with Moore’s Law slowing down maybe we don’t need to keep chasing the latest trend?

Of course, lo-fi websites might also be a trend, but I think it’s a good one.


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That’s right, I don’t like any websites!

Just kidding, I just haven’t made a list yet.

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